We’re lucky enough to live in a North Welsh valley with an amazing array of resident wildlife. As soon as we first saw the farm, our vision for Llanerch was to make this patch of the valley as much of a mecca for native wildlife as we possibly could.

Local badgers make their homes on the wooded slopes above and below Llanerch, while young foxes frolic on our lower fields. Peregrines swoop overhead, buzzards and red kites circle (regularly dive-bombed by irritated crows) and red-legged partridges give out their terrific, mechanical calls across the fields. If you like to rise early on winter mornings, you might be lucky enough to catch the Black Grouse lekking on the “Panorama” – the moors across the valley, just above Llangollen.

We have purpose-built owl boxes (barn and tawny) going up in our barns and in our patches of woodland, as well as bird boxes, bat boxes and insect hotels.We have big plans for the future, too – including replanting wild flower meadows, introducing bee boxes and continuing our passion for creating as much habitat for as many of our wonderful wild inhabitants as humanly possible.

We’re incredibly fortunate to enjoy the company of so many beautiful wild creatures here, and continue to welcome them with open arms – we hope you enjoy them too!